The objectives of the charity are to improve healthcare by enabling the design of, and researching the effectiveness of, new forms of healthcare information technology and healthcare provision with particular emphasis on patients as users of IT.

Charity activities

The charity operates by funding projects designed to enable new or improved healthcare services, and providing technology available as unrestricted open source for those projects.

Charity establishment & funding

The Endeavour Health Charitable Trust (Registered charity no. 1156863) was established in 2014 with an endowment by Dr David Stables.


FHIR Interoperability

Sept 2015 - Present

Endeavour Health Charitable Trust is contributing funds to the authoring and curation of a set of cross domain FHIR profiles, known as Care Connect. These are being designed by FHIR experts from the INTEROPen community which is made up from suppliers, Endeavour Health, NHS bodies, and independent informaticians as part of the Code 4 Health Interoperability community.

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NHS - Discovery

Jan 2015 - Present

The Discovery Project is a data driven, learning health system, focused on improving population outcomes as well as providing high quality care to the individual.

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Common Interface Mechanism

July 2015 - Dec 2015

The Endeavour CIM is designed to offer seamless healthcare system integration, making it easy to access patient demographic and clinical information held within separate systems. This includes the ability to read from, and write to, provider systems for purposes such as; data extraction to support secondary uses, patient facing applications, data entry from medical devices, integration with specialist software applications such as pathology requesting systems, document management systems etc.

Leeds Patient Oriented IT Benefit Evaluation

Jan 2015 - Present

A local collaboration between Leeds University, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and System Suppliers has been established to develop a patient care record that will link data from both primary and secondary care. The aim is to empower patients and support medication adherence. Helping to improve decision making for the patient through improved access to relevant clinical information. This project will join up systems within primary and secondary care and improve the flow of data internally through existing Clinical and Pharmacy systems.

The initial scope of the project is intended as a pilot, using pre-selected patients currently receiving treatment from within the Adult Cystic Fibrosis unit at Leeds. Utilising project management resource made available by the University to develop a suite of patient questionnaires and surveys. Improving patient engagement and providing information pertinent to care will improve communications flows between patient and clinician.

This is a three year pilot that will look to develop new innovative IT solutions to help connect clinical data for patients with Chronic Diseases. Placing patients at the centre of their care and providing links directly to the clinicians delivering care.

PM Challenge Fund Report

July 2014 - Aug 2014

In October 2013, the Prime Minister announced a new £50 million Challenge Fund to help improve access to general practice and stimulate innovative ways of providing primary care services.

In 2014 a number of pilots were established and NHS England commissioned a project, funded by the charity, to evaluate the IT requirements of the pilots that needed to be met in order to achieve the pilot’s objectives. A report was produced that documented the different approaches by the 20 pilots, and highlighted a number of common shortfalls in IT solution availability at the start of the project.


The Endeavour Trustees are:

Dr David Stables

Trustee, CEO

Formerly a General Practitioner and director of EMIS specialising in IT systems for healthcare professionals, where he led the software development team until 2010. Also Trustee of the Peter Sowerby Foundation.

Rachel Stables


Formerly a counsellor and ran an Advisory and information centre for vulnerable young people.

Andrew Whitwam


Former director of EMIS specialising in IT systems for healthcare professionals, where he led the support services. Also Trustee of the Whitwam family charitable foundation.

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